Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dinner Grass, Please!

So tonight I asked Bastian what he wanted for dinner and he said he wanted to eat grass for dinner. So I said, I don't think you'll like it but you can try. So out we went to the backyard because I couldn't miss documenting this...
Bastian picking his "dinner grass"...
Bastian trying his "dinner grass"...
Bastian pointing at his "dinner grass" that was spit out on the patio because it was "YUCKY"...
So worth letting him try it...HILARIOUS!!!


Sunday, March 29, 2009

So I thought we had a pretty normal day. Went to church with "grams," which is what Bastian calls my mom. And then after church we went and visited "grandma no-ma dee," which is actually, Norma Dee...

But from the next pic you can see it was a little more than little Bastian could handle...Man, I wish I could sleep like that...anywhere :) Well maybe the sleeping on the stairs also had to do with the 6:45 AM wake up call...
So he got up and had some dinner and then we ended the day with a little "junk-in-the-trunk" pic...

(in case you were wondering exactly what the "junk-in-the-trunk" is...it's three princess dolls...Snow White, Belle, and I believe, Cinderella)

That was our day and it was GREAT!!!


Friday, March 27, 2009

Just a Couple Bastian-isms:

  1. "I want a Large Medium," exclaimed whenever we order any food from anywhere.

  2. "I just...don't know," exclaimed when he doesn't know answer to a question he's been asked.

  3. If any of you sang the song, Going On A Bear Hunt, when you were at camping the summer as kids; you know that it's Bear Hunt. Bastian insists it's,"Going On A Fair Hunt," and gets quite upset when you try to correct him. Yet, when you get to the end of the song and you meet up with the bear, he says Bear not Fair...He's a independent little booger just like I was :)

This picture was taken a couple months ago when we went sledding...

The picture says it all...


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"It's Going To Space, Give It A Second!"

Well, I went to a friends blog tonight and saw the most hilarious clip! So I had to find it and put it on my blog...I haven't laughed at something so hard in a long time (and I needed a laugh) Okay, so after you watch it please tell me what was your favorite joke or line...and if you watched it more than once (I did :)) My favorite line was, "It's going to space give it a second." HAHA, LOL. Now hopefully your really intrigued...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yk7nKjr9Keo

One funny picture that had to be seen by all...

Everyone...Bastian will be giving birth to a stuffed tiger by morning...stay tuned LOL


Monday, March 16, 2009

Okay, so I'm stealing my next thing from a friends blog...(no plagiarism here, well technically yes, but you get what I mean)
Bastian-isms: Definition, cute little things Bastian says during the day (and he says some very cute things.)
Okay just a few to tease you so you'll keep coming back for more...haha!
  1. "Geez, my heavens!" exclaimed when he's mad, startled, excited... basically we hear it at least 10 times a day and it never gets any less funny.
  2. "Gaber" translation..."Daddy", I guess when he's feeling a little more adult.
  3. "Can I play on the puter?" translation: can I play on the computer.
  4. "Mam-ba", a new name he calls me because the workouts I do at home contain the mambo.
  5. When Gabe or I do something that is disagreeable to him he yells,"NAUGHTY DADDY/MOMMY or BAD DADDY which he usually uses only on Gabe..yes, he's more of a "mamba's boy"...haha!

I need to share these pics because they just make me laugh. These were taken a couple of weeks ago when Bastian discovered the camera in my purse while we were at Wal-Mart. I have no shame in making a fool of myself in public places when I can get a laugh out of my son (who cares what other people think, have fun...)


Sunday, March 15, 2009

"I want to go to Las Begas," is what Bastian exclaimed today which made me think I need to go and update my blog-something I never thought it would say, at least in the near future ;) Anyways, here's some shots of us in "Begas." We stayed at the Flamingo...

Gabe showing Bastian the waterfall...how cute:)

We went to the M&M World and got lots o' chocolot watched a 3D movie about M&Ms which explains the next picture...

We had a lot of fun..but all the walking made us need to take a vacation from our vacation..note to self: RELAX more on next vacay:)

We celebrated our 10 year anniversary while we were there...yeah 10 years. We went to the Venetian and had some authentic italiano..and I can actually say that-how lucky am I. We also went on a gondola ride which was fun. Its all gone by so fast and we are constantly working and growing in our relationship, we love each other and hope for another 50 years...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I've been contemplating for the last couple of weeks wether to do a blog. Its quite intimidating, to me at least. Especially with some of the really quick witted ones of my friends that I've read. But i finally caved and decided it would be great to share a little bit of our lives this way. So my first entry is to say that this will not be even close to a perfect blog, there will be mispelled words, bad grammar, some good humor and not so good, (just to name a few) and a lot of real moments from the Baker clan. I say all this not for you all out there, but mostly for me...I will be real and honest with you all and that's what you'll get. So my first plea is to my friends and family who visit this, give me feedback...seriously and major advice on topics to talk about. Ask questions, and most of all ENJOY :) Love ya all...